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September 24th, 2022

In many countries, copyright shield is automatic. Whenever you publish original content, it is automatically protected by copyright law. If you want others to know your content is copyright protected, you can post the copyright logo (©) on any Web pages that include your unique content. You may also want to include the years you have owned the content. e.g. Copyright © 2007-2009 [your name]. Many countries provide copyright registration, which allows authors to register copyrighted content with a government agency. This makes it easy to establish ownership of content if it is ever uncertain.


Ø Work – A work refers to any of the following, namely, a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, a cinematograph film, or a sound recording.

Ø Artistic Work – An artistic work means a painting, a carving, a drawing (including a diagram, map, chart or plan), an engraving or a photograph, whether or not any such work possesses artistic quality, a work of architecture and any other work of artistic craftsmanship.

Ø Musical Work – Musical work means a work consisting of music and includes any graphical notation of such work but does not include any words or any action intended to be sung, spoken or performed with the music. A musical work need not be written down to enjoy copyright security.

Ø Sound Recording – Sound recording means a recording of sounds from which sounds may be produced regardless of the medium on which such recording is made or the method by which the sounds are produced. A phonogram and a CD-ROM are sound recordings.

Ø Cinematograph Film – Cinematograph film means any work of visual recording on any medium produced through a process from which a moving image may be produced by any means and includes a sound recording accompanying such visual recording and cinematograph shall be construed as including any work produced by any procedure analogous to cinematography including video films.

Ø Government Work – Government work means a work which is published by or under the direction or control of the government or any department of the government, any legislature in India, and any court, tribunal or other judicial authority in India.

Ø Indian work – Indian work means a literary, dramatic or musical work, the author of which is a citizen of India or which is first published in India or the author of which, in the case of an unpublished work is, at the time of the making of the work, a citizen of India.

Ø Author – In the case of a literary or dramatic work the author, i.e., the person who creates the work. In the case of a musical work, the composer. In the case of a cinematograph film, the producer. In the case of a sound recording, the producer. In the case of a photograph, the photographer. In the case of a computer generated work, the person who causes the work to be created.